TelAssistant Live Receptionist

TelAssistant is a Live Phone Answering Receptionist and much, much more.

Although based in our office, your TelAssistant phone answering service will appear to be working in your front office to all incoming callers. She or he will answer your phones with a professional courteous representation of your business, tactfully screen your calls, take completely accurate messages, or introduce the callers to you, and seamlessly patch the call through to your phones or other devices. And that is just for starters…

Virtual Receptionist with Headset
Our telephone answering system can also...
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Screen Calls
  • Enter data
  • Input Tickets
  • Process Orders
  • Answer F.A.Q.’s
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Collect Survey Data
  • Anything Else You Need Her or Him To Do

Think of a TelAssistant as an Executive Secretary, a top-flight Receptionist, and a Personal Assistant all rolled into one phone answering service. Your complete remote answering phone service.

What is TelAssistant ?

Not just a live
answering service

What is TelAssistant Answering Service

Why you need TelAssistant

For example, a
TelAssistant can
manage your ...

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What makes
TelAssistant Unique

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Client Review

Since day one, TelAssistant has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and top notch customer service to both our clients and staff. A great service for a great value!

Micah Landis, Charity H2O LLC

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a TelAssistant can manage your ...

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