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Services - Live Receptionist Services

Call Answering Services

Since lawyers strive to be known as professional and responsive, an unanswered telephone

call from a current or prospective client can break the relationship and lead them to not call again. Sometimes simply having a virtual legal receptionist can make all the difference in the success of your law firm. You are able to train your virtual receptionist to answer exactly the way you want and follow guidelines that you choose. When offering top-notch customer service and only the best legal services your law firm will be able to handle more clients, while never missing a call. Get a legal virtual assistant today to answer any phone calls and take detailed and precise messages.

Answering Services

While you have TelAssistant professionals answering your phone calls, following your personalized guidelines, and taking detailed messages, you will be able to focus 100 percent on the task at hand. As a business owner you won’t have to be worrying about answering calls and helping clients with questions that can easily be addressed by trained phone answering service professionals. The time that TelAssistant’s virtual receptionists save you, can be used to work on current tasks that need to be finished with no interruption. Increasing the amount of time dedicated to your work will significantly increase the productivity in your business. With increasing productivity your business will achieve recognition and gain more clients.

Local Telephone Number

Local Telephone Number to Boost Business
Increasing your company’s visibility is the best way to increase business. To expand company awareness you should establish a local presence. Buying from local businesses is becoming very popular as consumers are supporting local businesses to benefit their community. Research shows that people seem to confide in community businesses more. Establishing a local telephone number is a great idea for your company as customers gain the satisfaction of supporting their community. Have TelAssistant help you create a solid local presence.

One Number for all

One Number for All Makes it Easier
With the world moving faster and more information getting thrown at us constantly the last think we need is to many phone numbers to remember. A business that only has one easy number is more likely to have customers remember and appreciate their dedication to simpler methods of reaching their business. TelAssistant is all about making your life easier and your workday simpler in ways you never thought possible. As a business owner using TelAssistant as an answering service your day will become better structured, as you will be able to be more efficient. Let TelAssistant take care of any calls, voicemails and messages that come your way and be able to attend to them when ready!

Small Business Answering Service

An Answering Service to Improve your Business Reputation
As a small business a professional reputation can heavily influence people to become interested in your business and eventually turn into customers.

Apart from never missing a call, unbelievably low cost, and top-notch customer service, TelAssistant will allow you to establish a reputation better than any of your competitors. If you don’t have many competitors then it will simply elevate the quality of your business and attract more customers. By upholding great customer service and responsive employees customers will appreciate your hard work and be happy to come back.

Home Office Answering Service

Make your Home Office Succeed
We applaud your decision of working from a home office. What can be better than working from home? Let TelAssistant help make your home office the most productive it can be. TelAssisant’s professional virtual receptionists will make sure every call that comes your way is answered, take down detailed messages, and help you preserve current customers while bringing in new prospective clients. Especially when your business starts or continues to grow, an answering phone service will help you keep and even increase your conversion rate. Following your specific guidelines TelAssistant is there to help your home office be a professional working environment!

Medical Answering Services

The cost of having a TelAssistant help you in your medical business is

nearly insignificant compared to all the advantages it will bring. Our professional virtual receptionists will take every call that comes your way and assist your patients with any questions or messages they have. Having someone always present to answer the phone gives patients the peace of mind that they will always be able to reach a live person. This high quality customer service will earn you only the best professional reputation that will elevate your medical services and business. While having an answering service to take calls, you will be able to fully focus on the health and well being of your patients.

Call Center

You don’t need to hire a full or part time employee to enjoy the benefits of

having all your business calls answered and detailed messages written down. Hiring a TelAssistant Call Center Team will provide you with these tasks while portraying a professional representation of your business. Your business doesn’t need to increase costs; rather it needs to become more efficient by using their resources in the best possible way. Not only is hiring TelAssistant’s professionals to work for your business less expensive then hiring a part time or full time employee, but they will also work any time of day including, lunchtime, after work hours, night, and holidays. The countless benefits your business will receive from a Call Center Service are what will help it become what it deserves to be.

Find-Me Follow-Me

Gain peace of mind as you will be able to know that the specific callers you identified as top priority will be able to reach you through the list of several contact numbers you provide. This Find-Me Follow-Me method is the best way to be connected at all times even when you are not in the office. Be out to lunch, at home, on the road, or on vacation, our Find-Me Follow-Me technology will allow you to take any important calls wherever it is you might be. Let TelAssistant help you and your business always be connected to your customers while gaining their respect for your perfect customer service.

Voicemail to Email Service

This service allows you to move faster throughout your day and become aware of voicemails and messages quicker. When constantly being up to date with all voicemail and messages left for you, you will be better able to attend to your current clients and gain their respect in doing so. People appreciate when their voicemails and messages get a response and will keep coming back because of your great work ethic. This voice to email service will help you and your business gain recognition as a responsive and professional business.

Appointment Taking

TelAssistant is a company that is known for their reputation of always being

able to successfully serve their clients in a consistent manner. Feeling like you can always count on TelAssistant gives you peace of mind that someone is taking care of writing down appointments and taking your calls. There is no reason for you to take calls when all your doing is taking down dates and times. Your day is busy enough with other important tasks working to make your business successful and productive. Have our business telephone service help you today.

Web Chat

You will be surprised by the success that a TelAssistant Web Chat Service will have on your business. Customers highly appreciate being able to ask questions through the process of buying their chosen items. A customer always has questions and doubts about either the product, form of payment, or shipping. This TelAssistant Web Chat service will be available to your customers any time of day and will facilitate their buying experience. We guarantee that taking advantage of this new service will provide a huge benefit to your business and a leg up against all your competitors. Not only will you create brand loyalty, but customers will gladly confide in a business that is available to answer any questions about their product.

Virtual Offices

Convey your Professional Reputation
By using virtual assistants in your business, you will be able to portray the reputation you want by having your TelAssistant service follow your scripts and guidelines when dealing with customers and answering phone calls. One important advantage of virtual offices is that customers will be attended to 24/7 or whenever you choose to be available. Having a live person always answering calls will improve your credibility and help you gain a proficient reputation among your customers!

Order Processing

With TelAssistant’s order processing your customers will be attended to with only the highest quality customer service and virtual assistants that are trained to turn calls into orders. Watch your business grow and start selling more of your product when you hire a service that specializes in this field and is available any hour of the day! Customers will value the quick and easy method of placing an order and will be eager to come back. Contact TelAssistant today to get started on the path to success.

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