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Answering Services For Small Businesses - For an Affordable Business Telephone Service

For small business, two things count – every penny and every contact. TelAssistant is your answering business service solution. Your calls are managed by our answering services for small businesses through our professionally trained staff, managed according your directions, and at a cost that is much more affordable than you ever thought possible. TelAssistant is a business telephone service that manages your calls so you can spend more time managing your business.

Never Miss Another Opportunity

"One ring, two rings, three rings, and then voice mail kicks in.
The caller hangs ups."

In our fast-paced world, prospective clients want quick answers. Even when a voice message is left, 95% of your prospects will call the next company on their list until they reach a live person. Make sure that you get an opportunity to earn that prospect’s business with TelAssistant’s business telephone service remote receptionists.

Do the Math

TelAssistant is more affordable than you ever thought no matter how small or how large your telephone coverage needs are. Just compare the cost of TelAssistant to the cost hiring a part-time or full time receptionist at $10/hour for 4 weeks:

  8am – 12n Coverage 8am -5 pm Coverage Nights, Weekends Monthly Cost
Part time receptionist Check     $800
Full time receptionist,
not including benefits
Check Check   $1600
TelAssistant Live
Remote Receptionist
Check Check Check Only $225

When hiring personnel is out of the budget, TelAssistant, the premier answering business service, is the solution.

An Answering Service For Small Businesses With Top-Notch Customer Service

Successful business people know that keeping existing customers happy is as important – if not more – than attracting new clients. Answering services from TelAssistant deliver the highest level of customer service based on your customized scripts, troubleshooting guidelines, and a friendly voice. Every customer who has contact with your TelAssistant will be rated a “10”!

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